Can rock and ballet co-exist on one stage?

That is the question at the core of the stunning theatrical production, Heart Of Storm, which tells the tragic love triangle of Major Storm, the heroine Flora, and the seductive temptress Diana, via modern dance and a pulsating live rock score delivered live by an elite group of rock musicians who have toured the world and played on countless hit records.

To some the elegance of ballet, which has always been scored by classical music, and the primal energy of rock, are from completely different worlds. However, Heart Of Storm bassist Rudy Sarzo, who has played with some of the hardest rock acts in the world, from Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot to Ronnie James Dio, disagrees vehemently. “The Who did not become who they are today until they created the rock opera ‘Tommy,’ so, to me, rock and roll music of a higher consciousness is something I’ve always gravitated to,” he says. “If you look at bands like Pink Floyd you can put a ballet to Dark Side Of The Moon or The Wall, it’s visual presentation.”

Watching Heart Of Storm and the seamless way the two worlds meld together the only question is why did no one think of it before composer and producer Alex Rosenberg, who was inspired by the unique songs. “I was very impressed with the potential of this music because it was unusual, it was instrumental,” he says. “It was this kind of old-school rock.”

After searching for the right way to present this music to the world he hit upon combining the music with dancing, which is not a new concept. But having the two worlds share the same stage is. He realized though that merging the two shows into one would be much more powerful for the audience.

“It was a stronger idea to have the live performance of the rock band playing for the dancers. So this is an ultimate live experience and what is very important that if you hear only music that works, giving you emotions. Even very emotional dancing without music may not work,” he says. “But when you combine music and dance, the emotions multiply, giving total perception with much deeper and stronger experience.”

Told in 14 acts, including “The Party”, energetic “Storm” and the “Wedding”, the tragic love story unfolds as a live band delivers the score on an elevated stage above the acrobatic and gifted dancers. The result creates a transcendent experience that takes the audience completely into the narrative.

The dancers are incredible and I think it goes together really, really well. It carries the emotions really well, the music carries the emotions through the story,” saxophone player Katja Rieckermann says.

Heart of Storm also doesn’t work without the elite band – Lead Guitar by Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), Sax by Katja Rieckermann (Rod Stewart),  Keyboards by Erik Norlander (Last In Line, Lana Lane), Drums by Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler), Bass Guitar by Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake) and Second Guitar by Brent Woods (Vince Neil, Sebastian Bach).

Combine that all-star group of musicians with an exciting visual display and it is a multimedia feast for fans from all walks of life.

There’s something for everybody there, that’s the special thing about Heart Of Storm

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